Artwork for Gaiaonline’s Vivid Harmony. The muses of Monochrome, Pastel, Sepia and RGB.


Here’s some more old stuff from back in Gaia days. This is Kaede, a ghost girl who haunts the school for the CI “Love Charm” (which is basically an item that is meant to feel like a date sim.)

If I remember right… she’s a ghost from the 70’s who was really into enka singing and was to perform for the school, but must have run into some sort of unfortunate fate. You have to help find closure and her sing her last song.

The last image in this set was an attempt at Pop’n style a bit XD;


Slimey Monday, here’s a slime bunny


Item concepts for Gaia. The theme for this month is food! 


These are a bit old by now (I think approx 2010?). Some of the art I did while at Gaia Online, for the Chance Item “Famestar Hero.”

Basically, Chance Items at Gaia Online are random box items with a bit of a story attached to them. The theme of this one was music oriented. 

"In a forgotten basement, a dusty old vinyl record holds a hidden prophecy: soon, a great pop hero will save the world with the power of music. If you’ve got the chops, you could rise through the ranks of musical stardom and become the legendary Famestar Hero!"

As one of these characters (including a few others- I’m only posting the art I did for this item), you go through several stages of increasing venue size. Things get a bit crazy as the world gets invaded by the nefarious “Vylons.” Only the power of music can stop them, apparently!

Characters, stages, stage clear images, Vylons, the final battle, and victory screens.

Anyway, you guys should go check out the current Gaia Online artist tumblr account, for stuff that is actually on the site and relevant still haha: http://fyeahgaiaartists.tumblr.com/


Hey Doge!


Illustrations for Gaia, read the rest of the story here http://ow.ly/stybL


White Knight for GaiaOnline’s Checkmate Tactics.

Check out my co-worker’s pieces as well!

Reapersun’s Black Knight | Gem2niki’s backgrounds


For the CI (based on the amazing universe that Fayren made~)

I’m the queen, baby. LONG LIVE ME!

This will be my last CI for a while! BABY WILL BE HERE ANY DAY!

(lol i should make a tag this is not one piece, cuz i’m sure 99% of my followers of here for the shared love of my nakama and not my art post. I’m actually okay with this)



We recently had a video game themed CI release over at Gaia Online. I was asked to create a parody illustration based on a certain stealthy video game character, who just happens to be the hero of my favorite video game series!

This was also my debut illustration for Gaia Online! Although I have been working here for going on two years now, this is the first opportunity I’ve had to make an illustration for the main site. Cool!

If you’ve seen this character on Gaia, you’ll notice his colors are different here. These are the original colors I came up with, which were later adjusted so that they would better match some of the items on our site.

It turns out I don’t have access to a high res version of this color scheme from home, so I’ll have to post that version later.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun working on this homage to one of my favorite heroes. I hope you like it to!


Gaia May 2013 MC illustration


Sea Otter for Gaia online

#ethe  #rare pet  



Fathom the Kraken, lord of the north seas

Gaia Online

Fathom the Kraken from the Seven Seas CI


Ruler of the depths…